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The best ways to decorate the walls

When it comes to home décor, there are many things that come to mind that can be used, depending on the style we want to offer for our home, and we can focus on color shades or furniture in general.

Every detail that we add prints a part of our personality of decoration in general, what we like, and what distinguishes us. Therefore, although many people do not initially consider incorporating what we will talk about in the theme of decoration, some of them have great clarity but they can find a difficult time when choosing because of the small diversity. I'm talking about wall sconces in general ways of decoration
If you are not of shadows and want to give a great decorative value to your wall through more detailed techniques instead of just using a little paint!
This is the article you were looking for, it is full of ideas that you certainly did not consider

Decorate with chandeliers on the walls

With this in mind, we can completely move ourselves to the time when chandelier decorations are in full swing and move part of this magic to the present.

But surely you wonder, axes, glasses?

It makes sense because the culture in decoration is something that over time has distorted or evolved to adapt to the needs of today's society of all time.
 Chandeliers, specifically the wall chandelier, we're an ideal choice when you want to highlight large family paintings, give a long corridor a warm look or enhance the vanity in the room that is directed by a mirror. Yes, great decor

The forms of the candlesticks at the time were forged by following a line compatible with panel frames or mirror frames, i.e. in terms of wall sconces, they could not be a "strong plate" of decoration but reinforcement for the rest of the decor itself.
Gold-forged furniture feet and gold-forged mirror frames were also something set in the aristocratic palace décor; candles made of bronze, copper, and iron with logic in mind were used to highlight the beauty of something by putting something uncomfortable with that, of course. To the art of the candlestick itself but to the materials in which they made the candlesticks
Obviously, the decoration of our house and even the office does not have to be like aristocratic houses, it was a concept of exquisite beauty before lacks the functional aspect. In addition, today the presence of a mirror on the gold skeleton is not common at all and never before.
However, we can salvage many ancient concepts of transferring chandeliers as a decorative element of our modern lifestyle. Simplified decorations are certainly the trend this year, however, to increase the warm air, often, rural elements are used in the decoration. There are wonderful decorations for your home Click here

That is why the bronze candlestick is ideal on a wine or light brown wall, while furniture can, in turn, be dark brown. Candlesticks today need not necessarily put candles, and this is another aspect you may want to take advantage of.

Candlelight lamps are very beautiful and a modern alternative that blends perfectly with the chandeliers that are mounted on the wall today. It can be a very nice addition to the child's room or guest room, while the classic shapes of the groove can be directed to the room on the sides of a mirror over the fireplace or that ornate table with drawers where the pictures of family members are displayed

The simplest single illumination lights are ideal for long corridors where the doors of the rooms, in this type of corridors, to give you more air in a contemporary style, you can put pictures with family photos and the glossy wood floor will be in perfect harmony with the rest of the decoration.

Last but not least, if you have some low walls in your home, you can add one or two depending on the size of the candlestick you want to use. An example is a little wall that I have between the living room and the kid's room. On this wall put two of them medium-sized wrought iron. One is capable of supporting a 4-inch candle while the other, placed on the left, is larger than 6 inches. This adds an artistic appearance to the wall which is usually left blank.

If you will use candles, always remember to take into account the distance from the flame to the ceiling, you are dealing with the fire, so I also recommend, if you will put the candles on the background wall, make sure that the distance from the flame to the wall be careful enough so that you do not touch the wallpaper in case The wind stream caused the flame to grow
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